Charge Conference Agenda 2023-11-12

Wesley United Methodist Church
Charge Conference 2023
November 12th 2023, 11:30am– 12:30pm
Rev. Dick Corson, presiding
11:30am - Welcome – Rev. John Oda and Rev. Dick Corson  - (Sanctuary)      
11:35am - Opening Song of Praise and Prayer
11:40am - Election of Recording Secretary
11:45am - Acknowledgment of the Written Reports
11:50am - Charge Conference Required Actions
  • Membership Report & Audit – Rev. John Oda
  • SPRC Report & Approval of Pastoral Compensations for 2024 – Kathy Haneta, SPRC Chair
  • Election of Officers – Rev. John Oda
    • Separate Board of Trustee Elections
      In reference to Trustees, note that the BoT elects their own chair. This is the only committee with the right to do so. The BoT is expected to be comprised of at least 1/3 women, as recommended by the 2008 Book of Discipline, ¶ß 2512.1 Unless a written ballot is taken, the motion electing the trustees must be done in these words in order to comply with the laws of the State of California:
      “I move that the secretary cast a ballot favoring the nominees for the Board of Trustees and that the secretary note in the minutes that the nominees were elected by ballot.”
      • TBD, Chair (The chair of BOT is elected by BOT Members.)
        DeeDee Azuma - (Class of 2025)
        Tomoko Tanaka - (Class of 2025)
        Brian Hamilton - (Class of 2025)
        Cynthia Fukuda- (Class of 2025)
        Dave Brown - (Class of 2027)
        Jim Higuchi - (Class of 2027)
        Rob Hikido - (Class of 2027)
    • Addition of any further nominations?
    • Voting over the Remaining list of Nominations/List of Officers and Leaders
12:00pm - Required Discussion Topics
  • Boy Scout settlement - Rev. John Oda
  • Updates to child abuse policies - Kelli Martines
  • Conference vision statement - Aton Abril
  • Congregational vitality assessment - Rev. John Oda
 12:15 - Mission Strategy of the Congregation
  • Renewal of Candidacy for Ministry - Mark Teagle (5 min)
  • Creating New Place for New People - Nichigo Circuit Pastor – Mimune Tsukamoto (5 min)
  • Creating New Place for New People – Small Groups at Wesley – Mark Teagle (5 min)
  • Mission Highlight – Wesley Compassion Ministries –  ? (5 min)
12:40pm - Closing Prayer and Benediction – Rev. Dick Corson