Reconciling Committee

Reconciling Committee 2023
The Reconciling Committee had a quieter, but still impactful year. We held our annual Reconciling Sunday in February 2023, including the return of our bake sale! We raised $2651 for the Reconciling Ministries Network. Barbara Hiura organized the Bake Sale once again and she did an incredible job. She called it the best bake sale we have ever had! I am grateful to her for her leadership in this.
We also held our first Transgender Awareness Sunday in March 2023. Rev. John arranged for Marsha and Aidan Aizumi to come speak about their experiences navigating Aidan’s transition as mother and son. They were wonderful speakers and I am glad they were able to come speak to the Wesley community about the transgender experience.
Several Wesley members marched in Silicon Valley Pride 2023, which was organized by Campbell UMC. They had a great time, dancing and singing with the inflatable Jesus.
We are planning to have a second Transgender Awareness Sunday in November 2023, focusing on the transgender community that is local to Wesley and the struggles transgender people face in Santa Clara County. I am hopeful it is an impactful service.
Into next year, we will do our Reconciling Service. I am hoping to start an adult Bible Study for queer AAPI Christians in our community in the spring as well.
            With gratitude,
            Kasper Kimura
Reconciling Sunday 2023 (photos by Barbara Hiura)