Administrative Board

The Administrative Board of the Wesley United Methodist Church is responsible for ensuring that the finances, physical facilities, staff, and administrative processes are in place to support the mission of our Church and its ministries.  The “Ad Board” is accountable for managing our church's financial budget and endowments, overseeing major fundraising endeavors, addressing matters related to staff and congregational relations, maintaining and improving our church facilities and properties.  We also help build the vision of Wesley’s future use and support the variety and scope of Wesley UMC ministries.  

The Ad Board is composed of the Pastoral Staff, our Lay Leaders, the chairs of Wesley’s administrative committees, and the chair of the Council on Ministries.

The board currently consists of the:
WUMC Senior Pastor – Rev. John Oda
Lay Leaders – Mary Sasaki, Lynn Tabuchi
Council on Ministries Chair – Jim Mar
Finance Committee Chair – Lori Tabuchi
Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair – Kathy Haneta
Board of Trustees Chair – Tomoko Tanaka
Endowment Committee Chair – Gene Kinoshita
Ad Board Recording Secretary – open
Ad Board Chair – Keith Urauchi
The 2023 administrative accomplishments are covered in the individual committee reports.
Respectfully submitted,
Keith Urauchi