Wesley Men

Wesley Men Charge Conference Report 2023
Wayne Kuwada, Wesley Men Chair/Treasurer
Mission Statement: Provide support, opportunity, and fellowship to the men of Wesley United Methodist Church, helping each other to serve God effectively in the home, workplace, at church, and in the community.
Wesley Men Steering Committee members: Mark Teagle, Its Yokota, Wayne Kamiya, Mimune Tsukamoto, Ron Ogi, Warren Uesato, Jim Mar and Wayne Kuwada
Wesley Men 2023 Events:
  1. At the request of the Rev John, the Wesley Men served Easter Breakfast.
Evaluation as to successfulness of future programs:  The Men’s Breakfast was suspended and replaced by a gathering of men at a restaurant.  This never occurred and the Wesley Men were requested to start the breakfast again.  At this time, the decision to whether to restart or not restart the program has not been determined.  Participation by the Wesley Men whenever requested to help by other Wesley organizations has been successful.  During this participation, socialization and team building continues.
Financial Impact:  The Wesley Men organization is self-funded and has not required any assistance from WUMC.  When there are excess funds, the Wesley Men have donated to the annual Wesley Golf Tournament and sponsored other events that benefit WUMC.
Future Plans: Continue with the Men’s breakfast and respond when requested by other WUMC organizations.  Continue to volunteer when the opportunity arise such as Second Harvest Food of Silicon Valley.  Continue to seek ways to help WUMC.  Sponsor the Men’s Get Away Conference in 2024 if planned.