United Women in Faith

We believe that love in action can change the world.
United Women in Faith seeks to connect & nurture women through Christian spiritual formation, leadership development, creative fellowship & education so that they can inspire, influence and impact local and global communities.     
UWF Officer Installation [1/22/23]: Our annual UWF ceremony was held during worship service with Rev. John Oda officiating. For the previous three years, our Officer Installation was held via zoom. This is a time for renewed commitment to the UWF and a re-dedication to service in missions.

UWF Special Mission Recognition award [1/22/23]: This annual UWF award is exactly as it’s name states: Special Mission Recognition. Our 2023 honorees were: Pam Urauchi, Tomoko Tanaka and Terri Koike for their dedicated, faithful and impactful mission contributions. Each honoree received a UWF lapel pin and a certificate. Wesley UWF made a donation in their honor to the national UWF organization.

G.E.M. Girls Embracing Moms [2/12/23]: Restoring hope. Wesley UWF sent 70 fleece heart kits to a women's prison in Gatesville,Texas. This supported a special G.E.M. Art Therapy program for mother and daughter visitations. G.E.M. programs also offer mentorship, leadership development, life skills, counseling and material support.

Blessing Bags [2/13/23]: Our 23 UWF Blessing Bags were shared with our neighborhood Grant Elementary school families. The WUMC Compassion Ministry distributed the Blessing Bags at the Tuesday Food Distribution. Contents included useful, practical household items as well as other items with love and hope that warmed the hearts of both the receiver and the giver.

Wesley Treasures [5/07/23]: This fundraiser was held in the Fellowship Hall after worship service. After many hours of preparation and hard work, the Wesley Treasures were all beautifully displayed and inviting. Our WUMC congregation shopped and discovered Treasures on every table. Our shoppers were delighted as they selected and purchased Treasures of costume jewelry, finer dishes and other new and gently used items.

Rummage Sale [6/07- 6/10/23]: This year, after being on hold for 3 years [due to Covid-19], the UWF held our annual church-wide Rummage Sale that was met with great enthusiasm. There was fellowship, sharing and smiles during the three days of exhausting sorting, cleaning and pricing. This event is much more than just a UWF fundraiser… this is a much needed and much appreciated community outreach and a time of fellowship with our community neighbors and our congregation. Wesley UMC generously donated new and gently used clothing and household goods. Many of these items were priced at a starting price of just 25 cents. With happy hearts, our community neighbors came, discovered and purchased many usable items. We count the Rummage Sale as a win-win.

Missionary Katherine Parker program [8/21/23]: For 10 years, our guest speaker, Katherine Parker serves as a missionary in Nepal with the General Board of Ministries of the UMC. Katherine’s speech and video gave attendees a better understanding of Katherin’s Nepal missionary work. All enjoyed a potluck lunch and then they got to work making and sewing washable and reusable menstrual pads for women and girls in Nepal. This UWF El Camino Real district-wide program also gave attendees an opportunity to widen their UWF sisterhood.

UWF Prayer Chair: This weekly on-line prayer chain [via email] helps keep the Wesley UMC congregation connected in prayer and some information sharing.

Sarah Circle: This UWF group faithfully meets the first Wednesday of each month (via zoom) for book discussions and sisterhood bonding and sharing. Each December, the Wesley Sarah Circle members celebrate our sisterhood with a Christmas luncheon in the Fellowship Hall.

Tea Time and church-wide potluck luncheon: UWF participated in both of these newly implemented WUMC fellowship programs. This breaking of bread is an opportunity to reach out to include all our congregation to the act of service. These fellowship times offered platforms as reminders of Pentecost Sunday and National Breast Cancer awareness in the month of October.

Scripture for Good News newsletter: Beginning in March 2023, the UWF submitted Bible scriptures for each publication of the WUMC Good News newsletters. Our hope is that scripture will bring promise, hope and faith.

UWF connections: Wesley UWF is a local unit that is connected to the El Camino Real district, California-Nevada conference and National headquarters. Our local unit is the beneficiary of dedicated and inspirational leaders and programs. Wesley UWF attended the district Mission Springs retreat [4/15/23] and Celebration event [10/07/23].

Funding: All Wesley UWF events/activities are 100% funded by personal donations, proceeds from UWF Cookbook sells, Rummage Sale and Wesley Treasures. Wesley UWF disbursements ($4,489.78) supports Wesley UMChurch local and global ministries and United Women in Faith ministries.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary K. Horio, Wesley UWF President

Wesley UWF Leadership Team:
Mary Horio (President), Kazuko Tengan (Vice President),
Beverley Acuna (Secretary), DeeDee Azuma (Treasurer),
Shizuko Adachi, Mary Chafey, Terri Koike,
Joanne Kumano, Bobbie Ueunten