Nichigo Ministry

Nichigo Ministry Report 2023
After Rev Hajime Yamamoto and his family returned to Japan in June 2022, we continued our ministry with great help from Rev Oda and Wesley people. While a number of longtime members moved out of the Bay Area, two new people, Mayumi Miyakawa and Takumi Ogawa, joined us during 2023, a great encouragement to our ministry. 
Another notable development is Nichigo circuit pastor, who will serve Nichigo congregation in the greater Bay Area.  We have identified a possible candidate, and we are waiting for a grant approval from Cal-Nev Conference.
Nichigo Worship Service
We continue to hold Nichigo service in chapel on every 4th Sunday of the month. We are blessed with many pastors who are willing to preach, and the attendance is 15~20 in person and 5~10 on YouTube.
  • 01/22/23: Rev Michinari Matsushia (hybrid)
  • 02/26/23: Rev Motomu Ishida (in person)
  • 03/26/23: Rev Kei Miura (hybrid)
  • 05/28/23: Rev Teruki Ohmori (in person)
  • 06/25/23: Rev Hiroko Suzuki (in person)
  • 07/23/23: Rev Hajime Yamamoto (hybrid)
  • 08/27/23: Rev Yasutaka Yoshioka (hybrid)
  • 09/24/23: Rev Makoto Kondo (hybrid)
  • 10/22/23: Rev Teruki Ohmori (in person)
  • 11/26/23: Rev Motomu Ishida (hybrid)

On-going Ministries and Fellowship
  • Gihon-no-Izumi: every Friday 4pm (online), weekly fellowship and check-in
  • Early morning prayer meeting: every Saturday 6:30am (online), weekly bible study and prayer
  • Nichigo Ministry Lette: every  Saturday via (email), Biblical article and event news
  • Care Ministry: Stay in touch with Nichigo members and friends through a phone call
  • Nichigo page in Wesley newsletter: Monthly article in Japanese on various topics
  • Saffron-Kai: 3rd Friday (online, in-person): Fellowship of Japanese-speaking women in greater San Jose.
  • Karugamo-Hiroba: (in person) Seasonal gathering of young mothers and children
  • Nichigo ministry committee meeting: (online) 1st Saturday each month for planning discussion
  • Participation in various church committees, ministries and events

Sowan Nichigo Ministry
  • 02/25/23: Joint worship and fellowship at Wesley with Bay Area Nichigo congregations
  • 12/16/23: Christmas hymnal singing gathering at Wesley with Rev Hiroko Suzukii leading

Even though we are seeing our friends moving out of the Bay Area, with technology, we have been able to stay in touch with them.  It is encouraging to know that many of them consider Wesley their home church, and we are hoping that those little seeds will someday bear fruit.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mimune Tsukamoto