Mission Statement
Missions and Social Concerns Committee’s Mission Statement is to provide education,
volunteer opportunities and financial aid to individuals and agencies who exemplify and
reflect our Wesley’s motto of “Love God; Love One Another”.


Social issues and human rights issues affecting San Jose, our nation, and the world are
addressed.  Examples include global famine and suffering, disease, sexual orientation, and homelessness.  Missions believe that the Japanese-American tradition and cultural identity
of Japantown should be preserved.  Missions publicize how donations are raised and where
they are distributed through church newsletters and beneficiary websites.

Volunteer Opportunities
1.  Fifteen Wesley walkers participated in the annual Bay Area CROP Walk end world hunger. 
 The Walk was held on May 21 in conjunction with Almaden Hills U.M.C. and netted $2,90.00  
 for Church World Service.  
2. Twenty volunteers assisted the Wesley Golf Tournament Committee by organizing the 
     dinner program, and by providing snacks, decorations, and gifts for non-golfers.
3.  Assisted Yu Ai Kai in their Mochitsuki and golf tournament fundraising events.
4.  Provided forty rolls of sushi for Day of Remembrance with Nichomachi Outreach Committee.
5.  Assisted Compassion Ministry in preparing meals for the unhoused.

Missions Committee is not included in the Council of Ministries’ annual budget.  We are dependent upon our two or three successful fundraising events yearly.  The community
is always invited to attend luaus, Western Night Line Dancing and BBQ, and special theme  events with our Wesley Jazz Band.  The average net for these events is $3,000 and $4,000.00
The Wesley Golf Tournaments was held at Sunnyvale Municipal organized by Wayne Kuwada and the Wesley Golf Committee.  The event raised $12,500.00 with ninety golfers participating
and forty dinner guests who were treated to a Japanese buffet dinner and silent auction.
The Hukilau for the Lord luau returned after a six year hiatus.  Approximately 180 dinner guests
and volunteers enjoyed Polynesian cuisine, our 18 member ukulele band directed by Tina Urata, and hula dancers.  Leighton Horio was also entertaining as Master of Ceremonies.

Revenue received for 2023
Wesley golf Tournament                    $12,500.00
CROP Walk/ Church World Service       2,900.00
Hukilau for the Lord Luau                       4,000.00
Other donations (estimated)                  1,000.00

Distributions for 2023
Through the faithful giving of Wesley congregation, friends, and community supporters,
Missions has been able to make the following disbursements which are fairly consistent
with previous years:

A.  International: include amount
1.  UMC Global Missionaries:  Rev. Claudia Gueung Yamamoto:  Kyoto, Japan $1,000.00
2.  Tengoku (Heaven’s Café in Kobe, Japan) UMCOR: Serving the marginalized,    $500.00
3.  Rise Against Hunger (Dried food packaging and distribution organization $1,000.00
4.  Friends of Asian Rural Institute (Global agricultural training center, Japan)  $500.00
5.  Church World Service (Worldwide relief aid) from CROP Walk    $2,900.00
B.  National: include amount
1.  InterVarsity/Campus Crusade (Steven and Sherilyn Tengan, Directors)   $1,000.00.
2.  Reconciling Network Ministries  (LGBTQ organizational support)   $500.00
3.  UMC Disaster relief UMCOR for Maui Wildfire   $1,000.00
4.  Volunteer in Mission (Sager Brown UMCOR Relief Depot in Baldwin, LA.   $1,000.00
C.  Local: include amount
1.  Yu Ai kai Senior Center   $700.00
2.  Second Harvest Food Bank    $300.00
3.  Sacred Heart Community Services $300.00
4.  Wesley VBS and youth camps  $3,000.00 from Golf Tournament Silent Auction
5.  WUMC Compassion Ministry $8,000.00
6. The Bill Wilson Youth Center          $500.00
7. People Acting in Community Together      $500.00

Events Planned for 2024
Bay Area CROP Walk to end world Hunger with Almaden Hills UMC (in April)
Wesley Jazz Band Rock & Roll Bash May 4
Rise Against Hunger Dry food packaging event in Nov.  Goal: 12,000 meals  Cost: $5,000.00
Wesley Golf Tournament in August.
Respectfully submitted by:
Ed Gibo and John Tanaka (co-chairs).  Members: Doris Tabuchi, Judy Yasutake,
Judi Kanemoto, Jeanne Katsuro, and Warren Uesato.  Ministerial advisor: Mark Teagle.