Agape - Post College-Age Group

Coordinator David Ko

Agape at Wesley is a young vibrant adult group for post-college age through late 30’s.  We are reaching out to young professionals in the Bay area and hope to establish a community where everyone can be accepted as who they are.  Agape meets weekly in upper room service at 1pm on Sundays and often has fun outdoor activities together.  We also like to spend time with our homeless friends at St. James Park in downtown San Jose every first Sundays atnoon.  Agape is for learning more about the Bible, nurturing your spirit, building a network and bridging church and society.

Contact David Ko for meeting times and events by calling the church office at (408) 295-0367

Alpha Omega - College Age Group

Jon Visitacion

This is a ministry geared for those in college living near and far.  We recognize that this is one of the most important times in ones life where young adults are looking for stability and direction in their chaotic lives.  The AO group brings that ministry out from the church and onto the campus.  We feed the needs of college-age students who may have grown up in the church but have left for college, but also those who have left for college and have found their way to our doorstep.  We have our main ministry at Wesley catering to San Jose State, Santa Clara University and nearby community colleges.  In addition, we have two satellite ministries in San Francisco (covering University of San Francisco, UCSF, and SF State), and in Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz).  We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at Wesley from 10:15-11:15, but there are events going on in all three regions.  Please contact the church office at (408)295-0367 for more details.

What is Wesley Alpha Omega?  

In biblical reference to Jesus the Christ as the "alpha and the omega; beginning and end" we affirm our desire to grow in our Christian faith and service.  Our desire is to keep college age young adults connected to the local churches by providing spiritual enrichment programming and fellowship both locally and cooperatively that is relevant to where college age young adults find themselves.  The usage of the Greek letters "A" and "O" was used not only as a reference to our spiritual heritage but a way to provide a connection to college life through the establishment of a kind of Greek co-ed organizational fellowship. 


What is the Agape Fellowship?

"Agape" is one of several greek words translated as "love".  This particular greek word for "love" was a term used by early Christians to refer to the self-sacrificing love of God for humanity, which they were comitted to reciprocating and practicing towards both God and to one another.  It only seemed fitting to provide a name for this fellowship that we hope will grow as a succeeding ministry for those who are transitioning out of Alpha Omegas and those who are at a different point in their young adult lives.


History of Alpha Omega

The fellowship group called "Alpha Omega" was first begun at the United Japanese Christian Church (UJCC) in Clovis in 2003 affirming that college age young adults needed a ministry to transition into after graduating from the local church youth groups.  The bottom line was that we valued the gifts and graces of college age young adults and their participation in the local church and therefore wanted to support ministry to and by them.
The need for the development of a college age ministry at Faith UMC in Torrance attracted the Faith United Methodist Church to consider establishing their own Alpha Omega chapter which it did in 2004.
A fall retreat seemed a good time to gather college age young adults; before the academic year got too busy and participation in summer camp counselor training weekends became overly hectic for many.

The UJCC Alpha Omega had been retreating around Pismo, CA at beach rental homes through the fall of 2003 & 2004 but with the movement toward a cooperative retreat with Faith UMC in 2005 we booked the United Methodist Camp Arroyo Grande as beach rental units simply could not accomodate our numbers.  
College age Alpha Omega chapters from both Wesley UMC San Jose and Buena Vista UMC Alameda joined us for the first time in 2006 and several young adults from Blaine Memorial UMC in Seattle and Aldersgate UMC Palo Alto in 2007.