Wesley Walkers Workshop Part 1 - Recap

Hello Everyone!  

We had an amazing turn-out for our part 1 series of our Wesley Walkers Workshop!  The Wellness Ministry leadership team talked to everyone about the benefits of walking and shared a little bit about themselves and how staying healthy is part of their lives along with Christ in their lives, along with some visions they have for their teams.  We had over 60 people attend part 1 of the workshop, and I estimate an additional 40 others who want to participate in the 6-week program! As we move into part 2 next Sunday after worship, we will have you all divide up into groups led by your team leaders that you choose to follow.  Below is an outline of resources, reminders, announcements, and things to look forward to in the next few weeks and months!  Better health --> Better you --> Better servant for Christ.  Please join us next Sunday in the Chapel at 11:30 for part 2 of our walkers workshop, and the beginning of our combined goal to walk five million steps!

  • Upcoming Events & Announcements
    • IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED YET, please register online or download the hard copy and turn it into Jon or your Team Leader next Sunday.
    • Walkers Workshop Part 2 - 11:30am (after Worship) in the Chapel. We will be recapping a little bit from part 1 to see if there's any questions, and then you will meet with your teams.  Not able to make it to this meeting? no problem, just try to track your steps and contact me or the team leader that you would like to work with for the next 6 weeks.
    • Sports Basement footwear clinic, Sunday January 10th, 5:00-7:00pm (Pruneyard in Cambell).  Clinic talk will begin at 5:30pm.  Ron Ogi has asked folks at Sports Basement in the pruneyard in Campbell to hold an informal clinic talking about the importance of footware.  Everyone who attends will receive a 20% discount coupon towards your purchase of your new equipment!  Join us for a fun night!
    • Walking around Japantown - (team leader host: Jon) - Sundays at 9am.  We will meet in the courtyard area and take a stroll around Japantown.  The walk itself will be very light paced and will be done about 9:30am.  
    • Need a pedometer? We just bought a lot more! Please see Jon for more details.
  • Goals for the week:
    • Wear the necessary equipment & Get used to using a pedometer
    • Walk like its a normal week!
    • Track your steps daily on the diary (please see the resources section below) or on your smartphone/app
    • Add all your steps for the week.
    • Choose a Team Leader (missed part 1? take a look at this sheet)
    • Report your steps to your team leader on SUNDAY, JANUARY 10th
  • Resources