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Join the College Age Group - AlphaOmega (AO)

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Since the beginning of the school year our Wesley UMC Alpha Omega (AO) College Age fellowship group has met four times; mainly to engage in regular Bible study. We have explored such topics as: The human quest to understand God and the quest for meaning, How the Bible came to be formed, exploring varying perspectives on approaches to the Bible, The books of the Bible, Who is Jesus and why follow him? Future sessions will include: the early Christian church, John Wesley, What do Methodists believe? And more!

We had a great Christmas party with six Alpha Omega members in attendance (Mich, Elyse, Christine, Alan, Lance and Ashley).

On Sunday February 24th, AO met for our regular Bible study session, lunch at Subway, and bowling at San Jose State! A small but mighty group!

On Sunday March 10th we will travel to San Francisco to see the movie premiere of “The Public” followed by a panel discussion. A movie on homelessness, it is hosted by the Glide Center for Social Justice Coalition on Homelessness and the San Francisco Public Library. 

On Wednesday April 3rd, AO will cook and serve the Winter Faith Collaborative dinner. Please let Viki know if you are interested in helping!

For more information about our Alpha Omega ministry, please contact Viki or Rev. Keith! We would love to have you join and participate!

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