Saturday mornings from 7:30-8:45AM

Facilitators:  Kats Hikido, Leighton Horio, Ernie Murata and Its Yokota

This Bible Study meets each Saturday and welcomes adults of all ages. Each quarter a unit of study is completed and a new one begins; one can join in at anytime during the year. Four to five Bible study leaders rotate leading the lessons. Each lesson is focused on the Bible, and is usually related to our daily lives and how we may become closer to God. Very lively discussions are held in both large and small groups. Participation in this Bible Study enables one to gain a better relationship and understanding of one's relationship with God as well as other members in the group.

Coffee is served; the Bible Study concludes about 8:45 AM. If you are a "morning person" who enjoys an informal early morning fellowship, you will enjoy this very warm and friendly group. Following Bible Study some members regularly go out to breakfast. All our welcome to join this fellowship! It will be worth your time to get up and meet with this group.

Sunday mornings from 11:30AM-12:30AM in the Fireside Room

Facilitator: Jim Tengan

Jim Tengan leads the adult Bible study held on Sundays at 11:30 AM (after worship service). Jim began this Bible study in the early 1980's and he continues to lead the class diligently every week (except when there is a conflict with a greater church wide program). It is an informal Bible study open to anybody who is interested in learning about Jesus and incorporating His teachings into his/her daily life. The class chooses (by democratic voting) books or Bible study materials that are interesting to the class. Therefore, the study materials chosen by the class vary offering a wide variety of styles, approaches and topics relating to the Bible and the life in the Jesus' Church.

"Being United Methodist"

What exactly is a United Methodist?  In “Being United Methodist”, popular and well-loved author J.Ellsworth Kalas uses his approachable style to address a topic that sometimes seems complicated even to those who have reflected upon it for years. In this book, Kalas explores questions such as Who are the people called UnitedMethodists?  Where have they come from, and where are they going?  And how is it that so few of them really know what it means to be a United Methodist?  What makes them tick, and in a spasmodically changing world, what keeps them ticking? 

Join the Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study Class for answers to these questions.  Classes are held in the Fireside Room at 11:30.  

Seekers Bible Study

Monday mornings from 9:30AM-11:30AM in the Fireside Room

Facilitator: Jody Kamachi

Postponed until further notice - Call the office for more information

We meet on Monday mornings. Beginning May 12, the focus will be on the daily devotional provided by the Upper Room magazine. No homework. Drop-ins welcome.  People can come to any session. It is light reading, more discussion than anything. Just a group of women studying and laughing together.