Wesley United Methodist Church

Reconciling Ministry

Wesley has been a fully Reconciling church for several years and the Reconciling Committee has led the way in Wesley’s ongoing commitment to make our church a safe place for LGBTQ+ Christians of all ages. With a congregation that includes members across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, the Reconciling Ministry is committed to supporting and affirming LGBTQ+ Christians in both their faith and life.

Reconciling Sunday

The highlight of their year is Wesley’s annual Reconciling Service, where we celebrate the date we became a Reconciling congregation. The Reconciling Ministry, made up of both straight allies and queer laity, has also marched in San Francisco Pride and Silicon Valley Pride parades, provided support and guidance to other churches going through the Reconciling process, and worked with pastoral staff to provide LGBTQ+ Bible studies.

Pride Parade

Join us on our yearly Pride Parade Representation in San Jose!

Learn More

For more information about the Reconciling Ministry or to learn more about Wesley’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, please contact Kasper Kimura at reconciling@wesleysj.net.