Rummage Sale 2015

Through the annual Rummage Sale, the Wesley United Methodist Women have raised thousands of dollars in support of relief efforts from Katrina to Japan, as well as funding Volunteers in Mission work trips. The UMW Rummage Sale also brings hundreds of our neighbors who shop with dignity for clothes and household items for themselves or their families living in Mexico, Vietnam, or the Philippines. The Rummage Sale is a green/environmental event which reuses discarded items that otherwise would end up in landfills. Also importantly, the Rummage Sale brings together church members in fellowship. We can only wonder where our "rummage" goes. Maybe toys are for children whose father is incarcerated, or kitchenware for a family in need, or a new hobby about to be born. We are in drastic need of help on the following days:

Please call the office at 408/295-0367 for more information.