Mochitsuki 2018

For Wesley Church members, Mochitsuki is a time of celebrating the sharing of the cultural heritage of many of our congregation. It is a time of fellowship which binds us together as a community of people committed to the faith and to each other. And of course it is a time of the simple joy of fellowship and working together for the benefit of the church.

Mochitsuki, a tradition from Japan

Mochitsuki is one of the rich traditions our elders brought with them from Japan. New Year's is the most popular time to engage in this ancient communal activity. A special sweet glutinous variety of rice is steamed, pounded, and cooled into rice cakes called mochi. We will make Mochi on December 29 and December 30. A New Year's tradition is the okasane, a set of two mochi, one on top of the other. The larger mochi on the bottom symbolizes a strong foundation, or the older generation. The smaller represents the new generation. Placed on top is a tangerine or a Japanese citrus fruit called dai-dai, meaning "generation to generation." And so the okasane carries with it the appreciation of the sense of renewal and of new beginnings which has been passed on from generation to generation.

No experience needed - bring your apron and head-covering
All invited to come help.

You are all invited to come help make this year's annual Mochitsuki a successful fundraising and fellowship time. We especially thank the hardworking Mochitsuki chairpersons Dale Sasaki and Ron Ogi.

Order until December 29 - 9am-4pm (408) 295-0367

Pick up your mochi: Sat. Dec. 29 1pm-4pm or Sun. Dec. 30: 10am-4pm

Okasane - $18.00

Komochi - $6.00 per pound

Helping? 2 shifts 7:45am to 12:30pm OR 12:30pm to 4:00pm
Lunch Provided!