Kids Zone


Enter the Kids Zone for fun, fun and more fun!
Families and children of all ages, come and check out our expanded Kids Zone! This special area  for children will keep them engaged with affordable games, crafts, and a bounce house! Check out the Kids Zone stage for entertainment fun! Prize redemption cards will be available to earn smiley faces and redeem for prizes!





bounce house.png

Yo-Yo Tsuri - Can you hook and pick up a balloon yo-yo before the line disappears?
Kingyo Sukui - Can you scoop a toy fish before the net breaks?
Pororo Penguin Pong - Every ball in a Pororo cup is a winner.
Bean Bag Toss - a bean bag in the pocket is a winner!
Fishing Fun! - What did you catch at the end of your line?
Launch Pad - Launch a ball after a trampoline to score!
Daruma Dig - Scoop up two eggs to reveal the prize inside?
Under 7, Over 23 - Score under 7 or over 23
Scavenger Hunt - Visit other areas outside of the Kids Zone to find answers!
Bounce House - Bouncing Fun!


Hachi Maki 11:00 am-1:30 pm - Design your own hachi maki
Laminated Luggage Tags 12:30 pm-3:00 pm - decorate your own tag, write name in Japanese
Slime Making 3:00 pm-4:00pm - Customized slime (color, additives)