In our food pavilion, you can choose from a colorful selection of Japanese-American cuisine where you can dine in or take out. All food items are made from Wesley's own special recipes. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Chicken Teriyaki
BBQ teriyaki chicken breast or thigh marinated in a Wesley teriyaki sauce.

chicken salad margin.png

Chicken Salad and Cabbage Salad (no chicken)
Tri-colored slaw with chicken, carrots and crunchy noodles in a sesame vinaigrette.

2 sushis copy.JPG

Inari Sushi - Sushi rice wrapped inside seasoned deep-fried tofu pockets.
Makizushi - Toasted seaweed nori rolled around vinegar-flavored rice with carrots, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, kampyo, and egg.

Spam Musubi
Grilled spam on top of rice, wrapped together with nori seaweed.

Freshly baked pastry with sweetened red and white bean filling.


Japanese seasoned soup with chicken and kamaboko (fishcake) on thick, wheat flour noodles (udon).

Vegetarian Chili.JPG

Vegetarian Chili over Rice
A variety of vegetables, tomatoes and beans mixed with spices. 

Teri Dog - Teriyaki marinated hot dog, shredded cabbage, mayo, pineapple glaze, topped with slivers of nori.
Suno Dog - Beef frankfurter, sunomono (sweet rice vinegar, pickled daikon and carrots), wasabi mayo and chopped cilantro.


Smoothies - located in the Front Patio
Freshly-blended smoothies. Select from wild berry, mango and mocha.

rootbeer float.png

Root Beer Floats - located in the Front Patio
Scoops of vanilla ice cream filled with root beer.


Home Maid Bakery Cookies from Maui
Chocolate chip shortbread and macadamia nut shortbread.  www.homemaidbakery.com

Enjoy a blend of Japanese cuisine!