Faith at the Movies

Do you wish you could get out to see a movie more often?  Do you have a difficult time figuring out what's good to see?  Don't like going out at night?  Wish you had an opportunity to dialogue with others about the impact of a film or wish you understood the meaning of a movie better?  Wish you could see a film with your church friends and all sit together?  Well, we've got the program for you!  Rev. Keith is beginning a fun and meaningful program called "Faith at the Movies" where we will gather to watch a film and then discuss it for about 20 minutes.

The purpose of "Faith at the Movies" is to excite and spark conversation about how a particular film speaks to us about matters of faith and belief, of purpose and meaning.  In the process of dialoguing about how the film touches us we reflect, we grow, we learn, and certainly may find that our faith has been challenged and deepened in new ways.  Anyone and all are welcome to join us, though parents should use their discretion when bringing children and youth.  Please bring friends and relatives!